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Activism Central is a do-it-yourself online campaign system. It empowers organizations and communicators of all types to craft their own campaign websites complete with tools for constituent action, social media integration, and high-impact design.

High Speed – Go live in hours. Mobilize and communicate at your own pace.

Cost Effective – Use one system to build unlimited campaign websites.

Ease of Use – Empower anyone in your organization to build winning online campaigns.

Campaign Results – More victories in more places with all the right tools for action.

About Activism Central

We’re in the age of the constant campaign. Corporations, associations and causes must communicate to many different constituencies, delivering powerful issue education and calls to action, sometimes without much ramp-up time. Campaigning constantly and everywhere isn’t easy. It takes a lot of work, money and talent. Until now.

Activism Central is a do-it-yourself, online campaign system. It empowers communicators of all types to craft and launch their own campaign websites complete with tools for constituent action, social media integration, diverse embedded media types, highly customized content and vivid imagery. Activism Central is ideal for corporations, non-profits, coalitions, NGOs and associations involved in vital public policy issue campaigns from the local to the federal level.

Building campaigns in Activism Central is easy. You don’t have to be a designer or a developer. Follow a walk-through wizard to launch and manage powerful campaign sites.


Activism Central offers the right features to make an online campaign successful from launch to victory.

Access & Users

Unlimited campaign managers, campaign approvers and system administrators (each with different levels of control in the system).

Speed & Versatility

Go from concept to launch without involving designers and developers. Archive old campaigns for reuse later. Update live ones in minutes. Prepare new campaigns in a draft state prior to launch.

Tools for Action

Offer constituents easy action forms that can even pre-populate their contact information when we integrate Activism Central with your contact database. This allows constituents to take action with a single click, sending messages to elected officials from the Federal down to the municipal level, across the country.


Activism Central integrates with your own advocacy and email systems, including sign-up forms that populate new data into your existing systems.

Template Variety

The system provides rich libraries of custom-designed campaign site templates for campaign managers to choose from, when building a new campaign.


Campaign managers can launch sites that display their organization’s brand, or launch without such branding for a more anonymous approach.

Media Libraries

Any type of website content can easily be added by campaign managers. And the system is delivered to you with a whole library of existing media (including image libraries) for them to use. Individual campaign managers can easily create their own media library for use on their campaigns.

Risk Management

Campaign approvers can offer different types of authorization for new sites. They can approve a site for launch and auto-approve all future updates that might be made by its campaign manager. Or they can conditionally approve the site for launch, with future updates to the site requiring further approval. This gives organizations great control over their campaign’s and associated risk management.

Activism Central is one system, one place, one organizational language for activism, providing limitless possibilities for customization and success.

Follow the wizard to complete steps for building and updating campaign sites.

Name the campaign; set its basic parameters. Pick a vanity URL. Apply password protection.

Pick a design template from a rich library of creative options and layouts. Templates are custom-designed for your organization.

Add content to sites including text, images, links, videos, social media widgets, downloads, email sign-up forms, and most important of all, action forms that empower constituents to send feedback to targeted elected officials nationwide. Best of all, Activism Central integrates with your existing advocacy tools.

Test and launch your sites with the push of a button. Assign reviewers. Count on high-performance and a polished appearance for big-profile initiatives.

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