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Your organization has a footprint. Use Geowareness to map it and see the big picture. Geowareness is an easy-to-use public affairs mapping system. It empowers you to put everything about your organization on a map and visualize your situations in the context of social and political geography.

See the whole country, or a single city block. Map all your public affairs scenarios and see them in context. Examine a neighborhood’s income levels and racial makeup. Get to know the local, state and national officials who preside where you do business. And do it all with the click of a mouse.

Decisive – Don’t guess. Know the impact your decisions will have on places in the world.

Customized – Map virtually anything, anywhere with views customized for your organization.

Informative – See the big picture in context. Visualize your risks and opportunities anywhere.

Easy to Use – Any communicator on your team can use this to drive strategic thinking and analysis.

Geowareness Features

Points & Layers – Geowareness allows you to map your locations (points) in the context of geography (layers). Layers on the map include states, counties, cities, nations, legislative districts, regions and much more.

Contextual Data – For every US location you map, you can view Census Bureau data including the community breakdown by income, race and age. You can also view the state and federal elected officials.

Map Anything – You can map your organization’s offices, sites, openings, closings, workforces, crises, opportunities, campaigns, situations, hiring, layoffs, expansions, competitors, projects, allies, philanthropies, media outlets, and so much more. Put more simply, anything with an address or latitude and longitude can be added to your map.

Map Anywhere – If it exists or happens in a particular place, you can map it. Map your footprint in the USA or the entire world. Geowareness supports detailed mapping anywhere. Map to addresses throughout the developed world where online street data is currently available. Or map in the remotest of locations using latitude and longitude.

Upload & Update Data – You can map all of your locations using a spreadsheet upload with Geowareness. You can also edit your locations one at a time in the system.

Date Mapping – Your locations and situations happen in time as well as place. You can time-map your events, campaigns and other calendar-related scenarios. Then use the map to display items within a specific date range.

Status Mapping – Your locations may need to be color coded to mean different things. Use status coding for your map points and contextualize them with status.

Security & Access – Give your whole team access or lock it down for only a few to see. Geowareness allows you to control who gets to use this powerful tool. And it’s locked-down to your corporate network to prevent unauthorized access.

How Your Organization Can Use Geowareness

  • Internal reporting and situational analysis.
  • Risk mitigation – your actions in the world happen in the context of local and regional politics.
  • Tell a story about your organization’s footprint – look around the corners.
  • Make smarter decisions informed by demographic and political realities.
  • See the whole picture and leverage your footprint with elected officials and community leaders.

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