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Be empowered to build relationships and expand your influence. Gridfluence gives you a 360-degree map of your influencer network, uncovering key outreach opportunities. With Gridfluence’s easy-to-use tools, you can assess your network, reach out strategically and track the effectiveness of your organizational network over time.

Get the Big Picture – Visualize your network and gain key insights about your influence.

Drill-Down – Store details about influencers and their relationships with others.

Target – Search and find the best individual influencers to further your communications goals.

Analytics – Chart your network and see metrics change over time through successful outreach.

Your reach is broader than you realize.

You know that your network is one of the most important parts of successful strategic communications. But understanding the full picture is difficult. You need an influencer mapping system.

A 360-degree view of your network

Gridfluence stores your stakeholders and dynamically maps them to each other and to organizations. Grifluence offers an easy-to-use stakeholder map empowering you to quickly see your strengths and weaknesses and find pathways to strengthen your reach.

Using Gridfluence

You start by searching for a contact – an external influencer, an employee, or yourself. Next, simply explore. Uncover levels of contacts by clicking on your contacts’ contacts. As you work, you can save interesting finds to your export list, and at any time generate a list of your saves along with their relevant information. If you need to find a specific type of influencer, access Gridfluence’s robust search capabilities. At any time that you identify someone with whom you’d like to connect, you can see the path back to your organization – multiple levels deep.


Tag your contacts with custom parameters that matter to you. Then use Gridfluence to chart the demographics of your influencers by metrics such as industry type, location, organization affiliation, and more. Chart overall network growth and track against goals such as increasing the quality of contacts in a particular region or turning second-degree connections into first-degree contacts.

Unlock your potential

Grifluence eliminates one of the biggest burdens for communicators – understanding your current reach and visualizing the potential contained right in your own network of stakeholders and influencers.

Gridfluence Features

Completely customize your categories and search fields for stakeholders. Import data from your organization’s CRM and see it come to life. Upload contacts from a spreadsheet or manage them individually.

Measure your strength of relationships and evolve your ties with influencers over time. Use visual reporting to show the changes over time and get snapshots of your network.

Find the perfect stakeholders for an upcoming event or campaign. Track your outreach with them. Empower communicators and campaigners across your organization.

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