The Intersection: Jun 2011

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The Evolving World of Advocacy

This issue of the Intersection is dedicated to the changing world of advocacy, with an emphasis on two key themes: technology and integration. These particular themes are not new. It’s easy to imagine FDR and his political operatives talking about how to integrate the new technology of the voice box into the train stops they had planned along the Eastern seaboard during their fourth consecutive presidential campaign, or to remember the impact that the first-ever televised debate between John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon had on the outcome of the 1960 election.

What is new is the nature of the technology, and the breadth of choice for individuals about how – and when – they want to use it. For organizations – be they businesses, non-profits or trade associations – the opportunity to use this technology to connect and mobilize various parts of their operating structure is invaluable. In these current political and economic times, how an organization leverages that opportunity can be the difference between winning and losing. Communication is driven by technology, and its creative deployment can integrate and multiply the advocacy efforts of an organization.

You will find seven very compelling articles authored by VOX team members who reflect on personal experiences and real-world examples to provide insight into this new world order of advocacy. We hope you enjoy this timely edition of the Intersection and, as always, we welcome your thoughts and feedback. Thank you.

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