The Intersection: Feb 2013

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VOX conversations: We start 2013 by sitting down with consequential voices from the media, think tanks, politics, industry and the policy world.

Welcome to the latest issue of The Intersection, and the first of 2013.  We start this year with a series of VOX conversations with serious and consequential voices from the media, think tanks, politics, industry and the policy world.  These interviews cover a wide range of industries and issues and provide unique and primary insight into some of the most important political and policy questions of this year.

Enjoy these interviews; we look forward to your input and feedback.

Topics, the experts interviewed and links to the interviews follow:

  • Environment – Joel Makower, executive editor of
  • Federal Budget Battles – Mark Calabria, Director of Financial Regulation Studies for the Cato Institute
  • Education – Congressman Luke Messer (IN-06), member of the House Education & Workforce Committee
  • Health Care – Dr. Bob Blendon, Senior Associate Dean for Policy Translation and Leadership Development at the Harvard School of Public Health
  • Energy – Shaun Wiggins, General Manager Global Public Relations, GE Power & Water
  • Financial Services – Kevin Wack, Consumer Finance reporter for American Banker
  • Immigration Reform – Author Hugh Aynesworth, retired Dallas Morning News reporter, Columnist Joe Olvera, an El Paso journalist ; and Juan Flores, executive director of the La Fe Policy Center
  • Elections – Amy Walter, National Editor, Cook Political Report

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