The Intersection: Jun 2013

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Technology Redefining Education Landscape

Welcome to the The Intersection. In this issue, we explore online learning at the K-12 and higher education level, and a new player in this evolving industry:  massive open online courses, or MOOCs.

Although these web-based learning platforms are attracting students—and funders—in droves, there is debate among employers, university administrators and educators around the viability of this model, and what the $60.5+ billion online learning industry means for the future of learning.

We invite you to set aside your existing notions about what constitutes as a school experience and to consider the following articles compiled by the VOX Education Practice group. We hope these resources help you gain valuable insight into a dynamic movement that is set to change education forever.

Enjoy this issue of The Intersection; we look forward to your input and feedback.

Online Education: An Emerging Economic Sector

The Money Behind the MOOCs

MOOCs: Media Darling?

Technology in Education: A Day in the Life

The Ongoing Online Learning Debate

Who will determine MOOCs’ Fate?

The Topics We’re Watching in Online Education