The Intersection: Feb 2015

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Does Washington Have the Password for Cybersecurity Policy?

This special issue of the Intersection is focused on the critical issues of cybersecurity.  Last week, the White House convened a national meeting dedicated exclusively to this topic and the VOX team was there.

Cybersecurity is a vast, complex public policy issue – one that is as important as any the country has ever addressed.  It touches virtually every aspect of our lives and we need to consider its implications on a host of topics including financial, medical, personal privacy, cyber warfare, data breaches, big data, and identity theft.  These are just some of the items that appear in headlines every day.

One would be hard pressed to find another issue that touches more cabinet-level offices, agencies and congressional committees of jurisdiction than does cybersecurity.  Yet, inside the fiercely contentious Beltway, cybersecurity remains remarkably nonpartisan.  There is no shortage of ideas about how the government should address it, but there is also no consensus among consumer advocates, businesses and the government about the best course of action.  Everyone is painfully aware of the potential for serious consequences, intended or otherwise, that any policy decision could have.

Cybersecurity as a policy question is in its infancy yet it has roared into the American zeitgeist and become a kitchen table issue with unprecedented speed and depth.  This edition of the Intersection looks at this issue and how companies and organizations can prepare themselves for the ongoing debate and any changes that result.


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