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VOX Global Tackles Cybersecurity Beyond Tech @SXSW

This week, VOX Global enjoyed its inaugural presentation at the annual SXSW Interactive conference in Austin. VOX partnered with the Austin-based law firm Hilgers Graben to present “You’ve Been Hacked: Now What?,” an interactive cyber breach demonstration with a strong emphasis on the communications and legal issues associated with a data network cyber event.

During the presentation, audience members were presented with a simulated crisis and engaged by making choices on the appropriate response, including who should be called first when a breach occurs, if and when to talk to the media, how customers and clients should be informed about the breach, and what should be done after the event has passed.

We offered the audience a set of priorities to consider when a breach event happens: technical recovery – plugging the breach and ensuring the proper updates are made to secure the network; reputation management – communicating with customers, clients, employees, and the media with a sense of urgency in fixing the problem as well as empathy for how these stakeholders may be impacted; and legal issues – managing the situation with an eye towards limiting any losses from litigation generated by the breach.

Communications in a cyber crisis should be focused on managing an organization’s reputation, so it can continue to elicit trust from its customers and clients and begin offering its product or service again as soon as the event is over.

Our legal partner, Sterling Miller, offered a very accessible outline of what businesses and organizations should consider from a legal point of view. Objective number one should be having legal counsel in the room to ensure communications about the event are covered under attorney-client privilege. Also, consider cyber insurance as soon as possible before a breach occurs to cover against any losses brought about by the event.

The near-capacity audience in Austin remained engaged throughout the presentation and appreciated the amount of information we were able to pack into a very tight hour. To see more audience reactions, search the hashtag #afterhack on Twitter and visit our SXSW page for materials from the event.

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