The Intersection: Jun 2016

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Today’s Education Landscape — From Pre-K to the Workforce

Welcome to the education edition of The Intersection. As we congratulate the 2016 high school and college graduates, we explore the most pressing challenges and opportunities facing education today—from preparing our nation’s youth for today’s careers to reskilling our workforce to close the skills gap to the role of higher education in ensuring our global competitiveness.

There is a growing acceptance among a broad and diverse spectrum of audiences that the status quo in our education system is no longer working. As policy makers grapple with sinking standings in higher education attainment, an increased need for remediation before college and stagnant graduation rates among certain populations, business leaders, nonprofits and community leaders are beginning to take matters into their own hands.

On the other hand, our education system is still ranked among the best in the world, with thousands flocking to our colleges and universities each year from countries around the world.

This focus on preparing students for success in school and a career is driving policy discussions at all levels of education—from universal pre-kindergarten and appropriate testing in elementary and secondary school to college affordability and completion and reskilling the workforce to meet the demands of tomorrow.

We invite you to consider the following articles compiled by the VOX Education Practice Group.

And we have a special VOX Spotlight in this edition.

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Congratulations to all 2016 graduates!


Robert Hoopes