The Intersection: Nov 2016

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2016 Election — What Happened and What’s Next?

Below please find a remarkable version of the Intersection. While I hope you find it full of gifted prose and rich counsel, it is remarkable because of the breadth of topics and analysis that no one would have imagined just a few weeks ago. At VOX, we have always been committed to running a bipartisan firm, and the move from a Democratic to a Republican White House in 2016, while personalities and circumstances differ, is the same as it was in 2000 and in 2008. The people have spoken and the work to staff a government and deliver on campaign promises begins anew in DC.

There is more to unpack in this election than any I have encountered since I worked on my first campaign for president in 1988. And not everyone will agree on what the lessons are and what they mean for either party or issue group. The transition of power is the same for either party taking over the White House. The goal is to put a team in place to achieve your agenda, and this goal is identical for either a Democratic or Republican president-elect. We analyze these topics and others in this issue of the Intersection and welcome your thoughts and feedback.

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