2020 Election

In the months leading up to a presidential election–and continuing through inauguration and The State of the Union address–Americans’ collective voice is more energized and amplified than ever. It’s when we are most engaged in the national political process. And for many Americans, it’s when we’re most open to discussing key economic, cultural and societal issues—from tackling health care and education policies to how we can best address national security, climate change, economic growth, drug addiction and more.

At VOX, our team supports organizations—private foundations, corporate foundations, NGOs and corporations—who seek to advance the national dialogue around issues central to their missions. We help them leverage the timely intersection that exists between the public’s interest and their organization’s desire to inform and educate key audiences who can help drive change.

From social listening and message mapping to content creation, behavior change theory and leading-edge audience targeting, we help our clients employ a host of communications strategies during this season of debates, primaries, conventions and the general election. By tapping into these critical moments for our nation—including the state-based activities around gubernatorial and Congressional races—we can generate awareness, drive engagement and move the needle on issues that matter to your organization.

360° Digital Amplification

We build and reach microtargeted audiences where they are, delivering surround-sound content across social media, mobile display, pre-roll, podcast and over-the-top (OTT) TV advertising platforms. And advanced targeting tools like device ID lookback allow us to continually share your key messages during critical moments of the campaign season.

Social Media War Room Strategy

We lead rapid response social strategies at key times—including primary and general election debates, party conventions and more—to inject messaging into conversations as they develop in real time.

Social Listening

Harnessing social analytics means VOX can identify key trends, measure the effectiveness of messages and unearth new insights to make more informed and effective decisions. We extract valuable, hidden insights from vast amounts of data to better understand audiences, platforms and content strategy.

Precision Targeting

With targeted advertising, VOX uses demographic, behavioral, ideological and geographic targeting capabilities that enable more precise and segmented audiences and content development than ever before. We build custom audience groups, create tailored content and develop tactics to pinpoint audiences and “stop their scroll” on social media.

Behavioral Science

VOX’s Data + Behavioral Science team—in partnership with Dr. Neil Lewis, Assistant Professor of Communication and Social Behavior at Cornell University—will leverage behavioral science research to better understand how your audiences think, feel and make decisions. Then, we’ll apply this research to your messaging and content strategy to help move your audiences to action.

Grassroots & Grasstops

We identify and activate on-the-ground networks and high-level influencers to help amplify your key messages and take action in key cities and states across the country.

Event Management

We plan and execute conferences, summits and other events at key moments during the election cycle to generate earned media opportunities and mobilize supporters on the issues you care about.

Thought Leadership

A bylined article in the right publication builds credibility among key audiences. We help identify placements and craft opinion pieces that persuade. Then, we can amplify the story via targeted digital advertising.

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