Corporate Responsibility & Reputation

We believe companies can be a force for societal good and that “doing good” drives business success. We help clients harness opportunities, mitigate risk and create positive change for their business and society.

Mitigating Risks and Creating Business Opportunities

To achieve success, businesses need to stay ahead of constantly evolving consumer and stakeholder expectations. We apply the latest trends and insights to mitigate risks to your reputation and create, communicate and measure purpose-driven programs.

Driving Impact

From environmental sustainability to strategic philanthropy, we help tell stories of social impact to the audiences that matter most. We work with diverse clients from Fortune 10 companies to small B2B companies just starting their CSR journey.

CSR Strategy and Program Development

From relationships to capital, each organization brings unique resources to CSR. We create comprehensive strategies and programs based on each client’s best opportunities to drive meaningful business and social impact.

Sustainability and CSR Reporting

Investors and other stakeholders want information about companies’ environmental, social, governance (ESG) performance. We help clients plan and create materiality assessments and reports that align to key frameworks like the GRI.

Social and Environmental Impact Messaging

Good storytelling starts with clear, purpose-driven messaging. We help define the core messages that will resonate with your most important audiences.

Strategic Philanthropy

Well-structured corporate philanthropy programs leverage multiple resources, such as money, time, expertise, partnerships and products. We help companies customize their programs for maximum impact.

Employee Engagement

Happy employees have a clear sense of how their work ties to their company’s larger purpose. We craft employee engagement programs to improve recruitment, retention and reputation. And we help companies foster diversity and inclusion.

ESG Risk Management

When identified early, reputational, investor and regulatory risks can become important opportunities. We help clients implement programs that mitigate risk while positively impact the environment – and bottom line.

Social and Political Advocacy and Management

In this political climate, businesses face rising pressure to take a stand on topics like immigration, pay equity and LGBT rights. We help navigate these complex and fast changing consumer expectations.

Awards and Rankings

Strong ESG performance benefits company reputation. We help companies improve performance in key indices such as CDP and DJSI, as well as recognition through awards and rankings.

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