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To succeed, businesses need to stay ahead of evolving expectations from investors, employees, regulators, customers and other stakeholders. Management of environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues is intrinsically linked to the bottom line, and stakeholder perception of companies can have direct effects on their value. We help clients manage these pressure points, mitigating risks while seizing opportunities.  


We work with diverse clients — from Fortune 10 companies to B2B and B2G businesses just starting their ESG journey. 

ESG Reporting and Disclosure 

Companies face increasing pressure to demonstrate a commitment to ESG and disclose relevant information. We help clients at every step of the reporting process  from theme development and content planning to report writing, data alignment, design and web architecture. Our team has experience working with frameworks such as the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB), Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) and U.N. Global Compact (UNGC). We help companies write sustainability reports, annual reports and stand-alone publications that communicate ESG issues. Whatever the disclosure may be, we ensure it is aligned to meet the expectations of key audiences.

Analyst Inquiries and Rankings 

VOX helps clients improve their rankings on ESG assessments like CDP and DJSI and respond to analyst inquiries from firms like ISS, MSCI, Sustainalytics and Bloomberg. 

Climate Disclosure and Communications   

Stakeholder groups are looking to understand how companies are preparing for climate change and the transition to the net-zero economy. Whether through a TCFD disclosure, a climate transition plan, your CDP response or other forms of communication, we can help you build and explain your climate strategy to important audiences. 

Materiality Assessments 

Whether to inform reporting or set overall strategy, VOX works with clients on executing materiality assessments that prioritize ESG topics most relevant to their business. We identify and engage with a company’s stakeholders, as well as business leadership, and draw on our own expertise in the ESG space as part of a step-by-step process. The results of the assessment help a company understand where they should focus their resources, as well as what their ESG risks and opportunities are. We bring in VOX’s insight and analysis to provide recommendations on how clients can use the materiality assessment to build out their strategy and disclosures.  

Communicating Your CSR & ESG Story

VOX has extensive experience placing our clients in top-tier media and at events. We look at your unique story and help make it stand out to leading ESG reporters. In addition to press, we identify and manage ESG-focused speaking opportunities, panels and events where clients can raise awareness about their work with key audiences and stakeholders.

Purpose-Driven ESG Strategies and Programs

Each organization brings unique approaches and capabilities to ESG. We create comprehensive strategies and programs based on each client’s best opportunities to drive meaningful business and social impact.

Social and Environmental Impact Messaging

Good CSR and ESG storytelling starts with clear, purpose-driven messaging. We define the core messages that will resonate with your most important audiences — both internal and external — and build the materials to deliver those messages.

Strategic Philanthropy & Social Impact Program Development

Well-structured corporate philanthropy and social impact programs leverage multiple resources, such as money, time, expertise, partnerships and products. We help companies customize their programs for maximum impact.​

Employee Communications & Engagement

Engaged employees have a clear sense of how their work ties into their company’s larger purpose. We craft programs and communications to improve employee recruitment, retention and satisfaction. We also help companies foster diversity, equity and inclusion. Learn more about VOX’s Diversity & Inclusion work.

Social and Political Advocacy

In this political climate, businesses face rising pressure to take a stand on topics like immigration, pay equity and LGBT rights. We help clients navigate these complex and fast-changing stakeholder expectations.

Engaging Stakeholders

We facilitate NGO engagements and partnerships that can help a company by validating ESG efforts, bolstering reputation and providing credibility to counterbalance challengers.

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