How can we help more Americans get and stay healthy? That's the question heard all across the country—from the halls of Congress to the corner office. But with so many players weighing in, how can you make sure your ideas reach the right people at the right time? That's where we come in.

Cutting Through the Noise

From healthcare reform to the opioid crisis, employee wellness to drug pricing, the conversation about health in America has never been more complex. We work with our clients to cut through the noise and engage the right people at the right time. We can help you define messages, identify influencers, drive exposure and move people to action.

Our team has experience with a wide range of health and healthcare issues. We have worked in these areas from numerous vantage points, including Capitol Hill, the private sector, trade associations, nonprofits and the White House.

Corporate Reputation

Virtually all healthcare players today—from drugmakers and pharmacy benefit managers to insurance companies and care providers—face threats to their reputation. At the same time, these stakeholders are working hard to keep Americans healthy today – and drive progress tomorrow. We help bring these stories of impact and innovation forward.

State Policy

All politics is local—and a lot of health policy is, too. We know how to advance critical health care policy in state capitals across the country. Whether it’s shaping the media narrative, building coalitions or moving people to action, we give our clients—and the patients they serve—a strong voice.

Public Health Campaigns

Individual behavior is a significant factor in public health, but effecting lasting change is difficult. We layer behavioral science insights and innovative digital approaches to help change behaviors like distracted driving and personal wellness habits.

Diversity & Inclusion

The U.S. population is more diverse than ever before. That means a focus on diversity and inclusion (D&I) is crucial from both an ethical and business perspective. We help clients communicate with diverse audiences – for better patient outcomes, improved employee recruitment and retention, and stronger corporate reputation.

Media Relations & Thought Leadership

Get your work and ideas in front of the right audiences. We have a strong track record of securing stories and op-eds in national, trade, specialty and local media outlets; providing media training; and finding impactful speaking opportunities.

Public Health Advocacy

We work with leading nonprofits, foundations, academic institutions and the private sector to tackle local and national public health crises. That includes raising awareness, promoting new resources for people affected by addiction and advocating for changes in federal and state policy.

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