Cary Zon

Senior Designer, Washington, DC

202-772-6962 \ [email protected]

As part of the digital team at VOX, Cary helps supports client needs by weaving together visual elements that best express a specific message while considering the voice and overarching story of a brand or company. Cary approaches every project she works on with careful attention and enthusiasm, translating her diverse real-world experiences into practical design solutions.

Before joining the VOX team, Cary spent two years at a small creative agency in Brooklyn, NY where she used her eye for design to help support and build brands of all sizes. Skilled in the creation of web, digital, social and print materials, her background gives her the ability to see beyond the screen and visualize products in their final form, existing in their intended environments.

A DC native, Cary enjoys further exploring and finding new ways to support her home city and its residents. She enjoys hiking in Rock Creek Park, a good college football or basketball game (Go Ducks), and can usually be found in the studio working on a variety of painting, printmaking and sculpture projects.