Elyse Derian

Senior Vice President, Austin, TX

\ ederian@voxglobal.com

Elyse brings to VOX her experience in public policy and political campaigns to position clients for success. She works with a wide range of clients to engage employees and stakeholders to shape positive reputation.

At VOX, Elyse supports clients such as Bank of America, AT&T, Animal Supply Company and others to implement CSR programs that create shared value for the business and communities in which they operate. She specializes in campaigns that engage employees and stakeholders with the goal of improving job satisfaction and building a culture of service.

Prior to joining VOX, Elyse was a regional director several state-wide political campaigns in Texas. These positions required her to mobilize support from elected officials, community leaders and associations; plan and organize campaign events; and manage the region’s social media outreach.

Elyse began her career working on Capitol Hill for two members from southern California. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science and Business Marketing from the University of Southern California.  She currently resides in Austin, Texas.

In her free time, Elyse tries to keep up with her three small kids and hosts dinner parties with her husband, Matt. She is an avid marathon runner and loves to spend time with her family in San Diego.