Liz Shumpert

Associate Producer, Washington, DC

202-772-6990 \

Liz is a video editor, motion designer, and graphic designer on the VOX Digital Team. She uses her varied design experience to translate her clients' messages and goals into visual stories for social, print, and digital media.

Before joining the team at VOX, Liz studied Film & Media Arts and Neuroscience at American University. She spent her years there exploring the intersections between design and perceptual neuroscience, working on graduate and school-produced film shoots, and contributing to AU’s community of advocates for marginalized groups. Outside of her work at VOX, Liz supports causes close to her heart by creating content for local organizations as a freelance producer.

When she’s not creating designs and animations, Liz enjoys trekking through the wilderness with her partner, talking about how much she loves her family, and educating others about transgender and LGB+ experiences.