Chris Matthews

Executive Vice President, Chief Business Development Officer

Chris Matthews develops strategies for clients who want to move public opinion and influence public policy. A longtime veteran of both the House and Senate, he understands what motivates policymakers and consumers, and he uses his personal experience and know-how to find the most effective methods to affect their decisions.

For over twenty-five years, Chris has counseled Fortune 100 executives, elected officials and nonprofit leaders on delivering their messages effectively to the audiences they care most about. Among many others, he has worked with leaders from Bank of America, AT&T, U.S. Golf Association, Caron Treatment Centers, Walmart, Nissan, John Deere, GE, and the University of Virginia.

Prior to joining VOX Global, Chris served as director of communications for Senator Gordon H. Smith (Oregon), then a leading member of key Senate committees including Finance, Energy and Natural Resources; and Commerce, Science and Transportation. Among other efforts as Senator Smith’s chief spokesman and media strategist, Chris led communications during the passage of the Garrett Lee Smith Memorial which provides grants for suicide prevention efforts.

Chris also served as communications director and press secretary for the House Agriculture Committee and its chairmen, Robert F. Smith (Oregon) and Larry Combest (Texas).  On the committee, he provided strategic communications insight to shape public policies as varied as international trade, food regulation and derivatives laws.

Chris got his political start as press secretary and legislative assistant for U.S. Representative Wes Cooley (Oregon) during the historic 104th Congress.  He was responsible for generating media coverage, writing speeches, issuing news releases, writing opinion editorials and drafting public statements. There, he developed and implemented press strategies that strengthened public support for Rep. Cooley’s legislative endeavors while building and maintaining long-term, positive relationships with members of the media.

Chris graduated from the University of Virginia with a Bachelor of Arts degree in American Government and Foreign Affairs.

Location - Washington, D.C.

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