A major energy producer was facing opposition to its development of a new power plant. While the plant would meet the most stringent local, state, and federal environmental, safety, and health permitting requirements; political support for the project was suffering due to a well-organized and media-savvy opposition. VOX was engaged to develop the strategy and messaging necessary to cultivate local grassroots support, maintain existing support among political leaders and candidates, and move the project successfully through permitting and development.

Developing Messages

VOX began by developing the project’s key messages for utilization across every communication medium.

Mobilizing Stakeholders

Using fact-based information, we helped our clients identify and recruit key independent groups and local opinion leaders to influence the public policy dialogue and maintain political support.


Crafting Materials

We designed a variety of public information materials, including paid advertisements, letters and opinion pieces to educate groups, individuals, and the media.

Reaching the Media

Based on our research and audits, we provided media relations counsel and tactical support, including crisis communications.


Siting the Plant

As a result of the campaign, we moved public officials and elected leaders from opposing to supporting the project, and moved the project successfully through both the design and permitting phases.

Chris Matthews

Senior Partner

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