Animals rule social media. Across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, the mobile web has enabled us to get up close and personal with some of the most amazing (and “aww” inspiring) animals on Earth. But what about the heroes doing important work to ensure that all animals – and our planet – are here for generations to come?

The Indianapolis Prize, the world’s leading award for animal conservation, retained VOX to develop a social media strategy to give animal conservationists a hero’s platform – one that is typically reserved for celebrities, athletes, and so forth. Administered by the Indianapolis Zoological Society, the Indianapolis Prize celebrates heroes who lead lives of great adventure and sacrifice to protect our planet’s wildlife and wild places. Every two years, one hero wins the Prize and receives a $250,000 unrestricted cash award.

Sharing Inspiration

VOX audited the social media accounts of prominent conservationists online, and evaluated the kind of achievements they highlighted. After creating an inventory of their most successful outreach, we authored social content that elevated the conservationists nominated for the Prize, bringing a greater awareness to the plight of the animals they work to save. We formed partnerships with the social media teams behind organizations like National Geographic, Conservation International, and IMAX, and told the amazing stories of the Indianapolis Prize’s heroes. This gave each nominee a larger platform they could use to inspire others to support their conservation cause.

Using Cute for Conservation

VOX found and shared portals to live-streaming polar bear cameras, organized conservation Tweet Ups, and delivered caravans of cute animal photos. The uplifting social content generated over 3.2 million social media impressions and increased the Prize’s Facebook fan base by more than 90 percent. Further increasing the Prize’s reach, VOX managed a Facebook advertising campaign to deliver conservation content into the newsfeeds of its key demographics.

Bringing the Impressions to Wall Street

With compelling storytelling, targeted advertising and smart strategy, VOX was able to tap into the messages that resonate with a digital audience most – and position the Indianapolis Prize as an empowering source of conservation inspiration.


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