Creative & Brand Marketing

Great storytelling is the foundation of what we do at VOX. That's why we offer a full range of creative services - web, print, video, infographics, gifs and more. And we're leading the way in sponsored content, helping clients publish engaging pieces with outlets like Slate and Mashable.

Purposeful Design

Our team is hip to the latest digital buzzwords. But our flash? It’s grounded in substance. We’ll help craft a visual story that’s relevant, timely, entertaining and shareable. All closely integrated with VOX Global’s political, issue and industry expertise.

Native Content

Today, the lines between paid, owned, and earned media continue to blend. Clients look to our team of copywriters, designers and filmmakers to tell compelling stories that work in a socially-connected world. Through creative partnerships with media outlets, we help brands produce content that drives engagement. We’ve helped clients produce everything from in-depth articles on Slate to short videos on niche publications like GOOD or Elite Daily.

Our core services include:

Content Creation

No matter the platform, content is king. Our team of writers and designers from every background work together to craft highly-visual stories that play well across digital, social and traditional media.

Web Design

Rethinking a landing page, designing a custom app, and everything in-between! We start by working through a site’s page structure and layout. From there, we rapidly iterate through clickable visual mockups and into programming.


With experience designing for some of the world’s top brands, our team understands the importance of a strong and consistent visual identity. We help clients name initiatives, design logos, and create visual and brand voice guidelines.


Our collaborative team of filmmakers, illustrators and animators come together to bring your story to life. We combine technological innovation with narrative purpose to explain complex ideas, spark imagination and mobilize action.


We make complicated information beautiful and simple to understand. Whether it’s a longform infographic, interactive map, or fun gif, we strive for a memorable impression.

Reports and Print Design

100+ page annual reports. Billboards. Business cards. Whatever the size or complexity, our team produces stunning and highly-effective work.

Gena Romano

Senior Vice President, Digital

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