VOX Behavioral Insights

We fuse behavioral science theory and data analytics to deliver strategy, tactics and content based on actionable insights and stories that are meaningful and persuasive.


For VOX, data analytics is the fuel behind smarter strategies, more creative and relevant content, and measurable results.

Through our consumer intelligence and social listening tools, we can identify messages that will resonate with audience, understand what motivates them to act, and evaluate the effectiveness of our efforts in real-time.

Yet it’s not just the data that makes us effective. Most critical to our efforts are the people who turn that data into actionable insights.

Behavioral Science

Simply stated, we communicate to move people to act. Persuasive communication begins with understanding how each of us makes decisions.

To harness the power of behavioral science, VOX partners with Dr. Neil Lewis, Assistant Professor of Communication and Social Behavior at Cornell University. Dr. Lewis is an expert in synthesizing research and empirical data to understand how each members of target groups think and make decisions.

Behavioral Communications Summit

In partnership with Dr. Neil Lewis, VOX conducts workshops that explore and analyze organizations’ goals, target audiences and most effective messengers, leveraging behavioral science to better understand risks and opportunities.

Audience Personas

Using data analytics, VOX identifies, analyzes and ranks core audiences and stakeholders to ensure our communication efforts reach and engage the right groups. This includes understanding audience belief systems, where they stand on key issues and what motivates them to act.

Social Listening

Harnessing social analytics means VOX can identify key trends, measure the effectiveness of messages and unearth new insights to make more informed and effective decisions. We extract valuable, hidden insights from vast amounts of data to better understand audiences, platforms and content strategy.

Precision Targeting

With targeted advertising, VOX uses demographic, behavioral, ideological and geographic targeting capabilities that enable more precise and segmented audiences and content development than ever before. We build custom audience groups, create tailored content, and develop tactics to pinpoint audiences and ensure messages resonate with them.

Reporting Dashboard

Core metrics are critical to understanding our progress and our impact. VOX’s online, automated reporting dashboards are customizable and easily digestible, providing meaningful metrics and analysis for all types of digital communications, from websites and earned media to online advertising and social media.

Behavioral Communications Audit 

Dr. Neil Lewis is an Assistant Professor of Communication and Social Behavior at Cornell University. Whether writing a speech, refreshing a website or developing a social brand, we can work with Dr. Lewis to review and analyze messaging, assets and audiences through a behavioral science lens, providing an additional level of rigor.

Data Storytelling & Visualizations

More than numbers, we believe that each dataset has a story of its own, and it’s our job to tell it. Our team dissects data and crafts it into visual narratives using interactive graphics and other compelling content.

Risk Analysis

The story on the front page of today’s paper may keep executives up at night, but it’s the one they don’t see coming next month that they really need to prepare for.  Our research team helps clients stay abreast of potential issues whether they are signaled in social conversations, by third party advocates or in traditional media coverage. We then evaluate their risk and determine the appropriate preparation and response.

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