You need to mobilize the public to action - quickly. Enter our nationwide network of communications experts. From grassroots to strategic partnerships and grasstops, we employ a customized approach for every advocacy need. We'll help identify and target stakeholders across the country with both speed and precision.

One-Stop Shop

At VOX, our team is comprised of former White House aides, reporters, advocacy group leaders, campaign managers, and Hill staffers, from both sides of the aisle. Our nimble size coupled with our cross-sector experience means we’re equipped with the knowledge and the in-house tools to tackle nearly any issue from all angles.

Scalable Influence

Whether your objectives include reaching a single influencer, an entire state or a difficult to reach demographic, our core approach to advocacy is the same: craft and deliver the most effective and authentic messages to the right audiences at the perfect time to drive action. Mobilization is our goal, and no campaign is too big or small for our collaborative team of public affairs, design and creative experts.


Cultivate, educate, mobilize and sustain grassroots networks to take action on your organization’s public policy priorities.


Identify and engage influencers that have the ear of key decision-makers to ensure your organization’s voice is heard—and your policy goals realized.

Stakeholder Outreach

Develop authentic partnerships with free-market, diversity, environmental and other groups that will amplify and add credibility to your advocacy campaign.

PAC Communications

Craft and execute communications strategies that strengthen your PAC’s member engagement, educate and grow your resources to impact candidates at all levels of government.

Digital Advocacy

Customize and build digital tools and engaging content that mobilize your audiences to take action online through advocacy microsites, paid social media campaigns and digital advertising.


Data Analytics

Utilize the latest in predictive modeling, digital advertisement analysis, and media tracking software to harness the power of data to reach your target audiences and deliver consistent results.

State & Local Engagement

Collaborate with public affairs and communications professionals in all 50 states to mobilize influencers, constituents and stakeholders in targeted areas at the state and local level to affect change.

Event Management

Plan and execute conferences, summits and other events to position your organization as a convener and thought leader to move opinions on the issues you care about.

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Vice President

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Lizanne Sadlier


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