A competitive national economy. Stronger local communities. A fair chance for our youth. So much starts with education. Despite many challenges, innovators are working hard to better prepare students for success. We help these innovators shape the policy and perception of today’s most pressing education topics.

Your VOX Team

The VOX education team has worked with leading educational providers, non-profits, foundations and corporations to advance a wide range of issues. Our expertise spans from pre-kindergarten access and quality, to K-12 education reform, to college and post-high school degree attainment.

As best-in-class communications counselors with rich education knowledge, we specialize in core capabilities, including:

Strategic Communications and Media Relations

You know your issue is important. But does the media? We distill complex education topics into clear, powerful messages that resonate in today’s news cycle. We develop thoughtful outreach strategies that draw on our deep network of media relationships – making sure your story reaches the audiences who matter most.

Digital Advocacy and Social Media

Traditional media relations goes hand-in-hand with the right digital strategy. That might mean amplifying your message through social media or building support for your cause online. Our team develops websites and digital content, deploys search and content marketing, builds grassroots advocacy tools, and leverages online advertising. All to ensure you reach the right stakeholders.

Parent, Teacher and Influencer Engagement

To drive education change, you need outside stakeholders to voice support for your work. VOX’s education team can help you build the right bench of advocates to champion your cause and advance your policy and advocacy agenda.

Michael J. Marker

Managing Director

317-902-2958 \ [email protected]


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