Technology is more than an industry. It’s at the core of every company in the world. Our clients are powering the future, and we’re by their side to tell their story, ensure policy enables their innovations and help drive their engagement with consumers and other businesses.

Policy Advocacy

If you use technology in your business, two things are certain: policymakers may regulate that technology and they don’t fully understand your business. VOX Global helps craft narratives and build support for policies that impact you.

Reputation Management

Data breaches. Controversial policy positions. “Creepy” business models. Technology companies face a wide range of reputational challenges. We help clients communicate around these threats and proactively enhance reputation.


Harmful policies don’t just hurt your company. They hurt your customers and your partners. We activate allies to help shape legislative and regulatory policy.

Cybersecurity/Breach Communications

By the time it’s found, the damage is done. Our experienced crisis team helps clients navigate the breach. But, where we excel is helping your company sleep better by building a proactive strategy before breaches happen.

Internet of Things

Whether your hardware is building the network of tomorrow, or your software is the platform for a smarter everything, we can help connect your story with your suppliers, policymakers, media and consumers.

Artificial Intelligence

Depending on who you ask, AI is either the most impactful technological change in history or the cause of a dystopian future. As more industries build AI into their products, we help clients establish leadership positions around AI and describe the benefits of these enhancements.

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