Want to know the secret to winning campaigns? Powerful technology that compels awareness and action with pinpoint accuracy. Our digital products put this power in your hands. For more information or to ask for a demo, contact Gena Romano.

Looking for a digital campaign that delivers customized messages, district-by-district? Mobilizes different constituents in different ways toward one great objective? Commands the attention of different legislators in custom-tailored ways? But all powered by a single campaign website and ad campaign?

You’re looking for an OnTarget Campaign. OnTarget is an intelligent campaign platform that delivers customized messages to countless communities for tailored public policy outcomes. It empowers you to get the right messages to the right people and influence the right public officials in customized ways.

Relevance is everything in today’s campaign. Keep it relevant for all of your target constituencies, and they’ll join your cause.

Hyper-targeted to deliver the right messages to the right communities for maximum public effect.

Flexibility – Messages change, so do target audiences and legislators. OnTarget allows you switch gears rapidly.

Effective – OnTarget gets results. It gets noticed. Legislators pay attention when you run this kind of campaign.

How OnTarget Works

Let’s face it. Legislators are moved when their constituents are moved. A legislator pays attention when his constituents pay attention. He pays particular attention when your campaign names his name and shows his face in his legislative district. When you deliver the right messages to his constituents, customized for their community, motivating them to action, a legislator will take action too.

When his friends, family and advisors back home in the district tell him: “Hey, your face is all over the internet. And your support for Bill 123 is getting talked about,” he tunes in. He may even be moved to your position. He might pay more attention to your point of view.

You have to get his attention. And you can’t do this with a generic campaign that blasts the same message to everybody. You have to show his face and name his name, and deliver all the right reasons for his constituents to take action.

You can do this for unlimited districts with OnTarget. All on one website, one hyper-targeted ad campaign. OnTarget is your campaign – supercharged. Relevant. Decisive.

How do you win in today’s campaign environment?

Deliver hyper-localized messages to precisely the right constituents. Then mobilize these people to the right kinds of grassroots action. A campaign that delivers the same message to everybody can’t accomplish this. You need to be OnTarget.

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