Crisis Communications

It’s not whether your organization will face a crisis, it’s when. In this crucial moment, you need experts at your side. We help identify vulnerabilities, plan scenarios and respond quickly and effectively. We'll help take back control, recover your reputation, and position you for future success.

Your Crisis Team

Your VOX Global team brings experience, agility and a 24/7 intensity to crisis preparedness, response and reputation recovery. Our crisis counselors have experience helping organizations communicate around controversial regulatory matters, onerous legislative threats, labor challenges and litigation issues. We’ve helped companies manage large product recalls, fatalities, service quality meltdowns and more.

Through this work, we’ve seen firsthand how crises can paralyze organizations. But a failure to respond quickly leads to rampant speculation – damaging careers and bottom lines. Our proven ARC methodology helps guide teams to effective decisions quickly.

The capabilities we bring to bear include:

The ARC Methodology:

A = Access:

We discover the facts, uncover the context and classify the gravity of the situation. The we define the operational measures needed immediately.

R = Resolve:

A crisis situation can quickly become a blame game. We identify the appropriate strategy and engage all stakeholders transparently – throughout the entire process.

C = Control:

We drive constant communication with all stakeholders, listening and responding swiftly to issues and concerns. We work in real-time and across traditional and social media channels.

Michael J. Marker

Managing Director

317-902-2958 \ [email protected]


Carey Tarbell

General Manager

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